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January 2023

In this month’s issue:

  1. Uttarayan Dakshinayan
  2. Friend and Enemy
  3. Game
  4. I want to be a writer

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December 2022

In this month’s issue:
In this issue, let us learn about some of the Nobel Prize-winning research work…

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November 2022

In this month’s issue:
1. A special detective (about fossil studies)
2. Chemical free – a misnomer
3. Opposition of planets
4. Bullying

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October 2022

In this month’s issue:
1. Snake, a friend or an enemy?
2. Solar eclipse
3. Ramanujan’s magic square
4. Walk for peace

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September 2022

In this month’s issue:
1. The rainy season is here! – Follow and avoid these things
2. Shape of a raindrop
3. Sudoku
4. The angular separation between stars
5. Observations related to farming

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August 2022

In this month’s issue:
1. A tug of war between body organs
2. Atoms, elements and their names
3. Let’s prove with the help of pictures
4. A James Webb Telescope image

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June – July 2022

Suppose you get a magical watch that allows you to go into the past or the future to see what was happening then or will happen. Which period would you like to visit? Let us see what Lalasu did with the time-machine he found. Is there a time-machine in reality which can  take us back and forth in time? If not, how do scientists get this information? Let us find out.

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April – May 2022

A vacation break at school doesn’t mean a break from our curiosity questions. There is so much to learn during these holidays when we are close to nature. We are here with a special, holiday issue of Anandi, with some simple activities you can do while having fun. Do let us know about your experiences and questions.

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March 2022

In this issue you will join us on  the journey of light. How does the light from the closest star, the sun, transform and propagate through the living world and the food we eat? What happens to the light that falls on an object? How do you see the reflection and why? To know the answer to these questions, read the March issue and let us know your opinion and questions.

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February 2022

We see colours all around us; what exactly is colour, and what is the  history of artificial colours? Is there a connection between colors and our food as well? Would you like to go on a colourful journey with us to get answers to such questions. If you have any questions, please write to us.

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January 2022

Today we have calendars and clocks that make it easy for us to organize our time. Have you thought about how people managed their time when there were no clocks or calendars? Or who invented the watch and when? How did the idea of  timekeeping and  calendars come into being? Read the January issue of Anandi  to know more about ‘Time’.  And do write to us if you have related questions.

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Four issues were published in the pilot phase between May 2021 to December 2021.