‘Anandi’ is a friendly newsletter tailored to answer a curious young mind’s questions. Written in the Marathi language, it reaches out to various remote places in Maharashtra. It is particularly targeted at students studying in 8th to 10th grade. The newsletter also has exciting activities designed for students to perform at ease in their surroundings (home or school). The concepts are explained in straightforward, simple language, especially with examples with which the students can relate. You will surely enjoy reading it.

‘Anandi’ is a print newsletter seeded from a simple idea to serve as an accessible material for the students with limited access to study sources- textbooks, teachers, or online education (during the pandemic). Hence, keeping this audience in mind and the syllabus they have missed during these two years, this newsletter contains different articles covering many topics in their syllabus. 

We are elated to share that we have also received an encouraging response from the students where they write back about their home life and the completed activities from the newsletter.

आनंदी गावातील, आनंदी शाळेतील, आनंदी मुला-मुलींसाठी तयार केलेलं आनंदी हे मासिक तुम्हाला नक्की आवडेल….

मराठीत वाचा